Guiding the “Undiscovered Reader” – “Rise and Shine” 3rd-5th Grade Summer Reading

14 Aug 2022 in

According to the educators here at Arkansas PBS, starting in the third grade, children are in a reading transition period. At this age, we transition from the stage of learning to read to reading to learn. This reading level is just as important as the reading development that is taught in kindergarten through second grade. In this stage, students are introduced to and comprehended more information than ever before. This is also where “reluctant” – better known as “undiscovered readers” – find their love for reading.

“Rise and Shine: Season Two” – What’s Coming for Week 6

04 Aug 2022 in

Is it already week six of “Rise and Shine,” our K-5 summer learning program with a curriculum that aligns with Arkansas academic standards. We hope that you learned a lot during the first five weeks!

Check out the schedule below for each day’s activities with virtual field trips, special segments, Fun Friday and more.