Totality: The Great Arkansas Eclipse

19 Mar 2024 in

We are beyond excited for the total solar eclipse headed over Arkansas on April 8. We’ve all heard about it, but what is it about?

We’ve put together a little bit of background information for you, and a run-down of how you can make the most out of this monumental event with a special broadcast and livestream from four strategic Arkansas locations.

Mystery League - Encore and Cast Interviews

18 Mar 2024 in

See more of your favorite fifth-grade detectives this Spring Break with encores of all 20 episodes of “Mystery League.”

Follow the adventures of Millie, Mike and Marta as they attempt to solve the never-ending mysteries of the fictional small Arkansas town of Mulberry Springs. Episodes will air through the next seven days on Arkansas PBS, giving you another chance to catch these detectives in action.

The Making of Mystery League – Lessons Learned

26 Jan 2024 in

Learning from Children
“Why are we doing this?”

I sometimes heard the question “Why are we doing this?” from students when I taught in the classroom. And it’s a valid question. Sometimes, learning takes place when we don’t even know it.

What does learning look like to you? As a teacher, I tried to engage my students in learning by designing relevant content, creating interactive learning experiences and making real-world connections. It worked most of the time, but my students were most engaged when I listened and learned from them.

Welcome to the Writers’ Room

09 Jan 2024 in

The Big Time
Writers’ rooms are places of legend. For shows like “Saturday Night Live,” “Seinfeld” or countless others, writers’ rooms are where colorful and storied careers begin. For TV writers, the chance to work in a writers’ room is “The Big Time.” This is what made the formation of Arkansas PBS’ “Mystery League” writers’ room such a special occurrence.

The Making of “Mystery League” - Dancing Detective

19 Dec 2023 in

Purple Mystery Mash. Robot Teachers. Helpful Heroes. Crop Circles. Whew! The “Mystery League” detectives have been busy going places and solving cases, but who I am is no mystery. My name is Prentice Dupins, Jr. I work at Arkansas PBS as an education and instruction coordinator, and let me tell you, being part of “Mystery League” was a blast! Come with me now to learn all about how this amazing Arkansas PBS-original series was created.

Doing My Part

Three Ways to Use a Wreath – “A Garden Home Christmas”

14 Dec 2023 in

Moss Mountain Farms is always decked out for the holidays. While the theme changes each year, the canvas remains the same: fresh cut greenery. For P. Allen Smith, it wouldn’t be the holidays without the scent of evergreens, and when it comes to greenery, his favorite is the wreath. The circular shape and symbolism of everlasting life are particularly appealing to him, and he uses them in a variety of different ways. There’s more to be gained from a holiday wreath than front door decoration.

Celebrating Arkansas: Holiday Traditions

01 Dec 2023 in

Embrace the true spirit of the holidays this winter by discovering many of the ways that Arkansans celebrate. Our newest installment in the “Celebrating Arkansas” series explores the incredible and diverse holiday season in the Natural State. From hundred-year-old traditions to new ones being made, there’s no shortage of Arkansans making the most out of this time of year. Our winter episode premieres Monday, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m. To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of popular holidays and some of the ways in which people celebrate them!

The Making of “Mystery League” - Learning Goals

21 Nov 2023 in

It was important to us that we get this right. Arkansas PBS has one of the largest teams of educators of any PBS station in the US, and we were set to begin planning for a new children’s show that was not only entertaining and enjoyable by the whole family, but also engaging, thought provoking, and most importantly—educational. We didn’t know what we would call the show for some time, but in the fall of 2022, we were in the very early stages of planning for “Mystery League.” And it has been one of the most fulfilling educational initiatives of my career so far.

“Arkansas Treasures” unlocks the stories behind Arkansas antiques and collectibles

17 Nov 2023 in

Want to get a look at the wonderful, weird and wild collectibles and antiques found throughout Arkansas?

Arkansas PBS has you covered with its new series “Arkansas Treasures” which is premiering Monday, Nov. 27, at 7 p.m.

“Arkansas Treasures” features the most unique stories culled from hundreds of items and conversations between the Arkansans who own them and our professional evaluators.