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Solving the never-ending mysteries of Mulberry Springs

"Mystery League" is a new live-action series that teaches kids in kindergarten through second grades about friendship and community. This series features three fifth-grade detectives - Millie, Mike and Marta - as they solve the never-ending mysteries of the fictional small Arkansas town of Mulberry Springs. Each episode features relevant storylines that encourage Arkansas kids to problem solve and build relationships.

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Episode  1 - Time Capsule Mystery - Part 1

Episode  2 - Time Capsule Mystery - Part 2

Episode  3 - Show and Tell Mystery

Episode  4 - Case of the Creek Clean-Up

Episode  5 - Case of the Mystery Mash

Episode  6 - Case of the Robot Teacher

Episode 7 - Mystery of the Helpful Hero

Episode  8 - Dinner Disaster

Episode  9 - Crop Circle Mystery - Part 1

Episode 10 - Crop Circle Mystery - Part 2

Episode 11 - Mystery of Matlock's Millions

Episode 12 - The Egg-Citing Adventure

Episode 13 - Marta's Cool New Camera

Episode 14 - Field Trip Fiasco

Episode 15 - Mayor for a Day

Episode 16 - Masked Sloth Mystery

Episode 17 - The McGillicuddy Solution - Part 1

Episode 18 - The McGillicuddy Solution - Part 2

Watch Dancing Detective Clips


Dancing Detective - Past and Present

Dancing Detective - Working Together

Dancing Detective - From Farm to Plate

Dancing Detective - Be A Good Citizen

Dancing Detective - Facts and Opinions

Dancing Detective - Responsibilities

Dancing Detective - Rules & Consequences

Dancing Detective - Where You Are

Dancing Detective - Symbols of Arkansas

Dancing Detective - Brighter Future


"The Messy Garden Mystery" Book - Now Available!

Follow Otto the Otter (the Keep Arkansas Beautiful mascot), and his new friend Marta in a literary adventure aimed at fostering litter prevention, education, recycling and community beautification for students ages pre-K through elementary across Arkansas.  For those eager to embark on Otto’s “The Messy Garden Mystery” adventure, free copies of the Keep Arkansas Beautiful storybook can be ordered here.

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Learning Resources

In each episode of "Mystery League," our young detectives learn lessons in civics, economics, leadership, and serving your community. Click below for K-2 learning resources for schools, after-school programs, and homeschool activities.

Online Games




Time Capsule

Can you pair up objects from the past and present? Play through four different levels: City Street, School Classroom, Library, and Home. Each time you complete a level, you will help the Dancing Detective. Complete all levels and unlock a special Dancing Detective video!




Mystery Match

To play, just flip two cards and try to find two that look the same. If you find a pair, those cards disappear! If they don't match, they’ll flip back over. Try to remember where the pictures are so you can find all the pairs. As you get better, you learn about where our food comes from.


Meet the Mystery League Detectives




Millie is a natural-born leader. She likes learning about people and being helpful to those around her.



Mike has a wild imagination. He is a great guy to have in an interview because he loves people so much.



Marta has an eye for detail. When she’s on the case, she’ll often find clues and answers that others miss.