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Unprecedented access to state government

AR-CAN – the Arkansas Citizens Access Network – provides unprecedented livestream access to state government, giving Arkansas citizens a front-row seat to legislative proceedings, board and commission meetings, and other government hearings and activities. AR-CAN serves as an important educational tool, allowing students to see their government at work while learning about public affairs and civic responsibility.

AR-CAN is presented by Arkansas PBS.

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ARCAN Current Events List
ARHOME Advisory Panel Meeting
Medical Marijuana Commission
Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission
Arkansas Racing Commission

Upcoming Events

Event Stream Event Title Event Start Event End Event Description
ARHOME Advisory Panel Meeting

The panel, which provides oversight for the ARHOME program, is scheduled to hold its next regular meeting. ARHOME is part of the Department of Human Services and uses Medicaid funds to buy private health insurance. 

Medical Marijuana Commission

The commission, which administers and regulates the issuance of licenses to operate medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation facilities, is scheduled to hold an emergency meeting. 

Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission

The Commission is scheduled to hold its next meeting. The Commission has full authority for the control, suppression, and eradication of livestock and poultry diseases and pests, and supervision of livestock and poultry sanitary work in this state. It has the duty for the development of the livestock and poultry industries in the state and for administering the provisions of laws and regulations pertaining to livestock and poultry. 

Arkansas Racing Commission

The commission, which regulates thoroughbred and greyhound racing, and casino gambling in the state, is scheduled to hold another meeting this month.  They are expected to meet with Cherokee Nation Entertainment company regarding their application for the Pope County casino license.   Commissioners will review the application and ask questions of the company’s leaders.

Archived Events

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Events from the Arkansas Legislature

View livestreams and recordings from the Senate, House of Representatives or the Supreme Court.

How are meetings selected for coverage?

The goal of AR-CAN is to provide as many livestreaming events as possible, allowing constituents to choose what to watch. For legislative hearings, the livestream is provided by the House of Representatives or Senate. Additionally, AR-CAN will host streaming for any other state agency, board or commission meeting if the stream is provided. A professional team with livestreaming equipment is available to attend meetings; however, due to limited resources, only those events deemed to have the most public interest will be covered. Suggestions for events to be livestreamed on AR-CAN are encouraged.

Arkansas PBS Debates

Arkansas PBS is the home for U.S. Senate, Congressional and Constitutional Office debates in Arkansas. Click here to watch past debates.

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