Calming Practices for Your Child

21 Sep 2023 in

Returning to school can be a big and stressful transition for children. Even your smallest kids may be feeling stressed or anxious. A new school year brings a new teacher, new routines, new classmates and all kinds of new schoolwork. That much change could make anyone feel overwhelmed, but children often don’t know how to cope with these big emotions.

Arkansas PBS Family Day – Central Arkansas

13 Sep 2023 in

We’re hosting Arkansas PBS Family Day in Central Arkansas from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 30. Prepare for lots of family-friendly fun, entertainment and educational activities! The event is completely free to the public and will be held at the statewide network headquarters, 350 S. Donaghy Ave., Conway. Families can RSVP at  

Arkansas PBS PMA 2023

11 Sep 2023 in

Arkansas PBS is honored to be recognized by our peers at the National Educational Television Association (NETA) for exemplary work which supports our mission of educating Arkansans. From our community engagement for “Rise and Shine” to Arkansas PBS Family Day 2023 and efforts that highlight culture, diversity and overcoming adversity, the stories and needs of Arkansans are at the heart of everything we do. Thank you for your support!

Arkansas PBS KIDS Writers Contest 2023

09 Jan 2023 in

Do you have a creative illustrator, poet or storyteller in grades K-3? Encourage them to enter the Arkansas PBS KIDS Writers Contest by Friday, April 21.

An initiative to promote the advancement of children’s literacy skills through hands-on, active learning, the Arkansas PBS KIDS Writers Contest encourages children in grades K-3 to celebrate their creativity by submitting their original stories and illustrations.

Guiding the “Undiscovered Reader” – “Rise and Shine” 3rd-5th Grade Summer Reading

14 Aug 2022 in

According to the educators here at Arkansas PBS, starting in the third grade, children are in a reading transition period. At this age, we transition from the stage of learning to read to reading to learn. This reading level is just as important as the reading development that is taught in kindergarten through second grade. In this stage, students are introduced to and comprehended more information than ever before. This is also where “reluctant” – better known as “undiscovered readers” – find their love for reading.

“Rise and Shine: Season Two” – What’s Coming for Week 6

04 Aug 2022 in

Is it already week six of “Rise and Shine,” our K-5 summer learning program with a curriculum that aligns with Arkansas academic standards. We hope that you learned a lot during the first five weeks!

Check out the schedule below for each day’s activities with virtual field trips, special segments, Fun Friday and more.