Making a gift impacts us, your community – and YOU.

21 Jun 2024 in

Guest blogger Marge Betley  
Chief Executive Officer
Arkansas PBS Foundation 

I’d like to tell you about a young man, one of our audience members, for whom Arkansas PBS is a very important part of his life.  

I’ve never met this young man, but his mother calls our offices the minute a live broadcast goes off the air for any reason – due to severe weather or a technical malfunction, for example.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the young man’s mother is always one of the first people to alert us.

You see, her young adult son is autistic. And for him, Arkansas PBS programming is a lifeline – a source of learning, of comfort, of reliability. We often hear from other parents of children with autism that PBS KIDS programs soothe their children, while also providing valuable learning opportunities. 

Inherent kindness
Daniel Tiger – one of PBS KIDS’ most beloved characters, modeled on the character and inherent kindness of Mister Rogers – has a friend named Max who is autistic. Watching “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” our youngest viewers learn that friendship is possible and joyful even when friends have differing needs, behaviors and interests.  

It’s a simple but important lesson in the values of tolerance, compassion and understanding. And these lessons learned at a young age continue to resonate as our children grow.

And this is the impact made by Arkansas PBS donors and viewers like you.

Thoughtful Giving

At Arkansas PBS, we are truly grateful for the generosity of our donors whose contributions make our programming possible.  We know that many of you give because you love the riveting dramas and mysteries on MASTERPIECE.  

Some of you give because you rely upon the integrity and thoughtful reporting of the “PBS News Hour”. Some of you give because Arkansas PBS is a window on the world of natural wonders through “Nature” and “NOVA”.  Some of you give for all these reasons and more. (And maybe some of you don’t give but have thought about it for a long time – now’s your chance!  And still others don’t have the means to give, and we’re just glad you’re part of our audience!)

Meaningful Impact

But I hope you know that if and when you do give, you have an impact that extends far beyond the programs you love. YOU are making a difference in the lives of learners of all ages, of all capabilities and experiences, and of all needs … YOU are making life better for all those who rely upon Arkansas PBS – and because of that, you are making life better for the next generation.

As we prepare to close out our fiscal year on June 30, whether you are a donor, a loyal viewer, an occasional fan, or all the above – I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for Arkansas PBS and for those we serve across the state.  If you have the financial ability to make a first-time or an additional gift this year, we would be deeply grateful.  If not, we are no less grateful to have you in our audience!

Please accept our thanks – and know that your support makes a difference now… with an impact that will last for years to come.

To make an end-of-fiscal-year gift, go to, call 1-800-662-2386, or scan the QR code below.  And if you make a first-time gift before the end of June, you can help us meet our New Member Challenge and unlock a $45,000 gift from members of our Ambassadors Circle.