"Blueberry's Clubhouse: Season 3" Ends With a Fun Dance Party

14 Aug 2022 in

On Aug. 12, 2022, Arkansas PBS and the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts (AMFA) wrapped up "Blueberry's Clubhouse: Season 3" with an end of summer celebration concert. As always, Blueberry’s fans and friends from across the state helped us end the summer with a bang! 

Longtime viewers know that every season of "Blueberry's Clubhouse" ends with a statewide celebration of sorts. At the end of "Season 1," Blueberry hosted the "End of Summer Jamboree," which was a talent show, featuring kids from across the state, singing songs and dancing.

At the end of "Season 2," we celebrated the Camp Onomatopoeia Kite Festival – with Blueberry lying up in bed, while Max, Miles and kids from around The Natural State showed off their kite-flying prowess!

"Season 3" was no different, and friends and fans weren’t disappointed.

At the end of "Season 3," Blueberry is coping with the fact that Max has gotten too old to stay in the clubhouse. Blueberry doesn’t want to say goodbye – so she organizes an end-of-summer, NOT-going-away concert with Max’s favorite band, The Jams!

Arkansas PBS and AMFA were excited to invite local musical act The Big Dam Horns to participate by writing and performing their original song, "I’ve Got This Friend," in the finale. What’s more, band members Clayton Aronowitz and Lia LaFollette voiced the new puppet characters, Gojiberry and Grapette!

As always, Arkansas PBS and AMFA invited our friends from across the state to submit videos of their best dance moves to send Max away with style!

Some of our camp dancers included:

  • Khaya Bridgeforth 
    Daphne Dabous 
    Karen Echnoz 
    Ryan Echnoz 
    Lauren Lisowe 
    Kloey Merritt 
    Jayden Montgomery 
    Zuri Parson 
    Niha Pavoor 
    Riha Pavoor 
    Cali Reed

Thank you to all our camp dancers. May your school year be fun and your lunch bags be filled!

See you next summer!

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