"Old is new again: Regenerative farming practices reemerges" - Good Roots

21 Jun 2023 in

Regenerative agriculture is not something new. It’s a centuries-old philosophy used by indigenous communities to work with the land, not against it. It’s now re-emerging as a way to improve the health of our planet, utilizing practices that restore the soil’s organic matter and promote its biodiversity. 

This holistic method is not just about producing food sustainably, it’s about helping ecosystems thrive, creating resilient farms and mitigating climate change by drawing carbon back into the earth. 

"Farming the Community" - Good Roots

25 Apr 2023 in

Located in the rocky terrain of Searcy County, Arkansas, Dogwood Hills Guest Farm is a charming retreat that offers visitors an educational farm experience. Owned and operated by Ruth and Grace Pepler, the farm is self-described as “extreme homesteading.”

"Arkansas Youth and Livestock" - Good Roots

21 Mar 2023 in

Raising and showing livestock can provide Arkansas youth with numerous benefits, both personal and educational. Whether through participation in programs like 4-H or FFA, or simply as a hobby, livestock offers unique opportunities for personal growth and learning.

According to junior high livestock competitor Dillon Phelps from Paragould, “One of my favorite things to do with livestock is the day of the show, getting it ready, clipping it, fitting it, getting it looking as good as it can.”

"Arkansas Produce Without Arkansas Soil" - Good Roots

21 Feb 2023 in

Hydroponics, the agriculture practice of growing plants in nutrient-controlled water without soil, has gained popularity in recent years. Hydroponic systems can be set up in a variety of settings, allowing Arkansans the ability to be farmers without the costly land. In 2023, at-home hydroponics has become even more accessible and convenient thanks to The Nurserie in Little Rock.

40 Years of “Arkansas Week”

12 Feb 2023 in

Forty years? Really? Of “Arkansas Week”?

It took us by surprise, actually, that our broadcast is observing – might we be allowed to say “celebrating”? – its four decades on air. But the calendar doesn’t lie: Yes, four decades. Forty years. Could it be that Arkansas PBS’ flagship public affairs program has reached middle age?

“Arkansas Week: 40th Anniversary” Interview with Tom Grimes

08 Feb 2023 in

February 18, 2023, marks the 40th anniversary of Arkansas PBS’s flagship public affairs program “Arkansas Week.” To get a better understanding of what the show was like in its early days, Arkansas PBS interviewed Tom Grimes, the series' first host. Read on as Grimes gives some insight into what it was like to produce a weekly public affairs television program back in 1983.

How long were you the host of "Arkansas Week"?