“Mystery League” Meet the Characters

20 Oct 2023 in

We are one month away from the premiere of Arkansas PBS’s newest educational series “Mystery League”! Before we kick off this series, we wanted to introduce some of the faces you will see in the fictional town of Mulberry Springs.

Millie is a natural-born leader. She likes learning about people and being helpful to those around her. She dreams of being mayor one day and is happy learning everything about her town until then.

Marta has an analytical mind and an eye for detail. When she’s on the case, you know she’ll often find clues and answers that others miss.

Mike has a strong sense of empathy and a wild imagination. If the others can keep him grounded, Mike is a great guy to have in an interview, because he loves people so much – except his annoying brother, Terrell!

Terrell is Mike’s younger brother – and an agent of chaos. Terrell might not always understand exactly what is going on, but he is ecstatic to be included. Terrell’s little kid emotions sometimes overwhelm him, but if he has the chance to talk through them, he almost always makes the right choice.

Principal Platt is the detectives' school principal, leader of the mystery book club and No. 1 fan of “The Dancing Detective” books. Principal Platt sees every student’s unique potential and is excited to provide a guiding hand to the detectives on their cases.

Mayor Wilkins is the resourceful mayor of our tiny town, and Principal Platt’s childhood friend. The mayor loves her town of Mulberry Springs and its wide variety of citizens. She is excited to see the young detectives so determined to help their community and is eager to help them any way she can!

Old Man McGillicuddy is the mysterious figure seemingly always involved in the detectives’ weekly case. Mike is determined to prove there is more to Old Man McGillicuddy than meets the eye -- but at the end of the day, McGillicuddy's secrets will be far more than anyone ever guessed.

Don’t forget to tune into “Mystery League” on Nov. 19!

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More information about “Mystery League” is available at myarpbs.org/mysteryleague