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Arkansas PBS serves all Arkansans with content and services that educate, inform and inspire.

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Public media and education – a model that works

Read the complete "Arkansas AMI" Impact Report. See how Arkansas PBS and the Arkansas Department of Education are working to keep kids learning at home.

Arkansas PBS is more than just television.

With a rich 50-year history, Arkansas PBS has become a flourishing public service media network, delivering educational resources on air, online and in person to Arkansas's most at-risk populations. We convene communities to discuss hard topics - depression, heat illness, domestic violence, AIDS, senior security - to find solutions. Arkansas PBS delivers important, timely, educational programming and services to even the most rural areas of the state.

Arkansas PBS is a good investment.

For less than $2 per year, Arkansas taxpayers receive Arkansas PBS programs and services. We share the culture and heritage of Arkansas, provide free online professional development to all Arkansas educators, present high-quality educational public television and impact student achievement.

Arkansas PBS consistently provides unique programming about Arkansas.

Arkansans depend on Arkansas PBS to document our state's history, to tell the stories that make Arkansas what it is, and to bring the outdoors, arts and news of our country and beyond directly to their families. Arkansas PBS has been entrusted to share the state's history and heritage, arts and culture and influential men and women - leading us to air 110 hours of local programs annually and win more than 500 regional, national and international awards. Arkansas PBS focuses on what is most important and needed for Arkansas viewers: public affairs, arts and culture, nature and outdoors, health and more. And we're also the source for Arkansans' beloved PBS programs such as "NOVA," "Nature," " PBS NewsHour," "Great Performances" and "Masterpiece."

Arkansas PBS is Arkansas's largest classroom.

We're moving the needle on school readiness, parental engagement and literacy throughout the state. Arkansas PBS provides early education materials, resources and training for these key indicators of long-term school success. "Ready to Learn" and "Raising Readers" are key educational programs created to reach underserved, rural areas. Arkansas PBS is a partner in the Arkansas Campaign for Grade-level Reading - named the pacesetter by the national campaign - working to have all third graders reading at grade-level by 2020. Want to learn more about how we're impacting student achievement? Pick up the Arkansas PBS Parent and Educators resource guides.

Arkansas PBS impacts Arkansans in life changing ways.

Arkansas PBS programs broaden horizons, inform citizens to make the best decisions and enlighten the minds of children. Arkansas PBS convenes advocates for tough issues to solve problems through programs such as: "Protecting Arkansas Seniors," "Depression," "Telling Amy's Story," "Healing Minds. Changing Attitudes.," "AIDS in Arkansas" and more. ArkansasIDEAS gives educators the tools they need to make the biggest impact in the classroom, causing student achievement to rise. Early education programs ready children for school, creating a chance at a lifetime of learning success. The Arkansas Campaign for Grade-level Reading, of which Arkansas PBS is a partner, has identified the top indicators for not reading at grade level - parental engagement, school readiness, attendance and summer learning loss - also lead to high dropout rates. Arkansas PBS is working in each of these areas to help Arkansas third-graders read at grade level by 2020. Arkansas PBS works with Arkansas emergency management officials to provide a critical public safety service, using our technology as the backbone for the emergency alert system.

PBS gives Arkansans a window to the world.

Because Arkansas PBS is a PBS affiliate, we allow Arkansans to experience the world from their own living rooms, computers and mobile devices. Series and documentaries like "The National Parks: America's Best Idea," "Last Days in Vietnam," "The Roosevelts" and "EARTH A New Wild" delve into topics important to Arkansans. PBS programs go beyond the sound bite, bringing in-depth analysis of evolving stories such as the Ebola health crisis, stories from Ferguson, the elections and more. Think Wednesdays feature "NOVA" and "Nature," taking Arkansans around the world and beyond, opening minds and broadening horizons. And, Arts Fridays deliver America's largest stage - PBS arts and culture programming found nowhere else.

PBS KIDS has been the No. 1 educational media brand for 14 years.

PBS KIDS is the No. 1 educational media brand and the No. 1 source of media for our nation's preschool teachers. PBS helps prepare children for success in school and in life and learn reading, math and essential skills.

Arkansas PBS, in partnership with ADE, is a national leader in professional development.

ArkansasIDEAS serves as the largest source of free online professional development for all Arkansas educators. We offer 54,000 registered users more than 700 courses and 1,700 credit hours - and we've awarded over 800,000 credit hours. ArkansasIDEAS is by far the nation's most affordable online professional development at $11.68 per course versus an average of $199 in other states. More than a dozen states have asked Arkansas PBS for access to

Reaching Arkansans where they live and on all technology platforms.

Arkansas PBS programs are available to all, no matter where they live. In addition to our broadcasts, Arkansas PBS programs are available online, through streaming devices, and on YouTube. Online we offer valuable, vetted educational resources for parents, kids and educators. In person, Arkansas PBS hosts screenings, outreach events, trainings, summits and educational trainings to connect Arkansans to our broadcasts, programs and services. Hyperlink gives caretakers an immense, free library of resources to help children at every milestone. The Child Development tracker, Bookfinder, and information about how to make a literate home directly impact school success. gives free access to educational games, printable activities, learning apps and videos to reach children no matter where they live, learn and play.