Taste of the South

31 Jul 2023 in

Arkansas PBS is excited to announce an upcoming virtual event featuring panelists from two new PBS series.

Join us for a delicious discussion with guests from “Southern Storytellers” and “The Great American Recipe” which will celebrate the history of southern cuisine and its influence on today’s southern culture and identity. Hosted by PBS and co-hosted by Arkansas PBS and Virginia Public Media, this event will give attendees a true taste of the south.


The event will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 1 at 7 p.m. Featured guests include contestants from season two of “The Great American Recipe,” Leanna Pierre and Salmah Hack, as well as several featured artists from “Southern Storytellers,” including musician Tarriona “Tank” Ball and screenwriter Qui Nguyen.


Episodes one and two of "Southern Storytellers" and the season premiere of "The Great American Recipe" season two can be watched on the PBS app, with the third and final episode of "Southern Storytellers" coming out Tuesday, Aug 1.


Registration for the virtual event is available here. A playlist inspired by and featuring original music from the artists of "Southern Storytellers" is available on Spotify. Follow PBS and Arkansas PBS on Instagram to stay updated with upcoming events and episode releases.


Registration for the virtual event is available here.

Check out a playlist featuring some of the storytellers as well as artists mentioned in the show on our Spotify playlist: Southern Storytellers PBS

Visit pbs.org/southernstorytellers for more information.