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Blueberry is back at camp for a third summer!

"Blueberry’s Clubhouse" is an Arkansas PBS original series produced in partnership with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. Kids can join Blueberry, a fun-loving puppet guide to engaging and insightful activities for students out of school for the summer months, on adventures across The Natural State. Blueberry is the ultimate “happy camper.” Her special clubhouse comes complete with a magical phone she uses to call all of her friends and a powerful periscope that transports her to incredible places all over Arkansas! Blueberry is determined to make the best of any situation. She knows that with imagination and friendship there is no problem too big to be solved!

Support for Season 3 of Blueberry’s Clubhouse is provided, in part, by the Arkansas Arts Council, an agency of the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage, Tourism, and the National Endowment for the Arts. “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” is created in partnership with the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts.


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Season 3 Episodes

Week 1

The Great Cleanup
Blueberry and Max return to camp only to find the mess to end all messes! The clubhouse is in shambles. Max is excited to get everything organized, but Blueberry gets defensive, not wanting to get rid of any of her things. Blueberry must learn to let go of the things that she doesn’t use anymore, before the clubhouse is overrun with stuff! Blueberry learns the importance of picking up after herself and donating clothes she doesn’t play with anymore, giving back to those who are less fortunate. Featured partners and activities for this episode include fun ways to get organized with Susie Sorts; learning about donating to others in need and how a small act can make a big difference with Our House.

Week 2

Campfire Tales with Blueberry
The campers gather around the campfire for some spooky fun. While waiting for the costume contest to begin, Blueberry, Sofie and Max sit around the campfire and tell the tales of their homemade costumes, each of which is inspired by a legendary monster from The Natural State. Until, out of the dark, comes a spooky noise. Will the campers have enough courage to solve the mystery of the shuddersome sound? Blueberry learns about folklore and myths and that friendship can overcome fear. Featured in this episode are the tall tale of the Ozark Howler, the fantastical fable of the Snawfuss and the mammoth myth of the Gowrow.

Week 3

A Very Blurry Blueberry
Blueberry needs assistance in locating her spectacles. In addition to learning about how the human eye functions from the Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas, Camp Onomatopoeia assists Blueberry in her quest to locate her spectacles. Blueberry retrieves her spectacles after learning a valuable lesson.

Week 4

The Mega Ice Cream Meltdown
The Camp Onomatopoeia crew needs your help finding a tasty ice cream flavor! 🍦 Tune in to an all-new episode of "Blueberry’s Clubhouse: The Mega Ice Cream Meltdown!" Find out what tasty flavor the team creates with the help from Loblolly Ice Cream.

Week 5

Blueberry's Clubhouse: Getting The Jams Back Together, Part 1
Summer is ending soon, and that has the Camp Onomatopoeia crew a little sad. That is why it is important for them to end the show with a bang! Blueberry and the gang search for ways to bring the entire crew together one last time before the end of summer hits. Find out what cool ideas they have planned in part 1 of "Getting the Jams Back Together."

Week 6

Blueberry's Clubhouse: Getting The Jams Back Together, Part 2
With this being the last episode of the summer, the Camp Onomatopoeia crew are preparing for a big get-together to end the season with a bang! There is just one problem. Will Grapette, one of the lead concert singers, be able to attend? See if it all works out in the "Blueberry Clubhouse: Season 3" final episode!


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