‘Good Roots’ talks innovation with hydroponics in next Arkansas PBS segment


Feb. 24 feature shows affordable, sustainable DIY farming method that doesn’t require costly land

CONWAY, Ark. (Arkansas PBS) — Hydroponics is an agricultural practice of growing plants in nutrient-controlled water without soil and is gaining popularity. In an all new “Good Roots” segment, The Nurserie Owner Rob Galloway discusses how hydroponics is an affordable, sustainable DIY farming method that doesn’t require costly land. “Good Roots” premieres Friday, Feb. 24, during “Arkansas Week” at 7:30 p.m. on Arkansas PBS and livestreaming at myarpbs.org/watch.

Growing more accessible and affordable because of The Nurserie in Little Rock, Galloway said hydroponics is opening more avenues.

“It uses 90 to 95% less water,” he said. “If you don’t have big money and big opportunities and you can’t go get big land, do you have a spare bedroom [you can use]?

“It’s like a greenhouse, but [you’re] doing it on a modular, mobile, at-home scale – a little countertop method, a 2-foot by 6-foot rack with four shelves. You can get 46 plants harvested on one shelf.”

Because of more controllable environments, at-home hydroponics allows individuals to grow fresh, healthy produce year-round, and with the right set-up, training and equipment, home hydroponics farmers can grow a variety of crops.

Hydroponics also uses less water than traditional soil-based farming, so it is an eco-friendlier method of growing food.

A main challenge to hydroponic farming is whether plants are receiving the proper nutrients and lighting. Numerous resources provide guidance and equipment, including online communities and specialized hydroponic stores like The Nurserie.

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