Commissioner Responsibilities

Commissioners are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Arkansas Senate. Commissioners serve eight-year terms, which are renewable. Of the eight Commissioners, one will be from each of the state's four congressional districts, one will be actively involved in the Arkansas public school system, and one will be actively involved in higher education in Arkansas. The role of an Arkansas PBS Commissioner is that of citizen representative responsible for the oversight of the statewide telecommunications network. A Commissioner is an active supporter of Arkansas PBS and its mission. A Commissioner is expected to increase his or her understanding of public broadcasting in general and the Arkansas PBS organization in particular. When appropriate, a Commissioner is expected to contribute time, ideas and resources to advance the goals of Arkansas PBS in serving the state.

A Commissioner shall be subject to removal from office if he or she is absent, without satisfactory excuse, from three consecutive Commission meetings.

Commissioners should commit themselves to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of Arkansas PBS's mission, goals, policies, services, strengths, and needs. 
  • Hire an executive director to carry out the mission and the policies of the Commission and to direct the staff in the operation of Arkansas PBS. 
  • Conduct a regular and appropriate review of the performance of the executive director. 
  • Establish and regularly review policies for Arkansas PBS and oversee the business of the Commission. 
  • Gain an understanding of Arkansas PBS's finances in order to help the Commission fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities. 
  • Support actions and programs that will ensure Arkansas PBS's long-term financial stability. 
  • Serve as advocates of Arkansas PBS's goals to community, state, federal, and business leaders. 
  • Communicate the views of the public to the Arkansas PBS executive director and staff. 
  • Supply expertise to Arkansas PBS by working on regular and special assignments or committees. 
  • Prepare for and participate in Commission and committee meetings and periodically suggest agenda items that address policy-related matters.

Originally adopted by the Arkansas PBS Commission on 6/21/00; amended 6/16/04.