Champions of Public Broadcasting: Arkansas PBS Ambassadors Circle

17 Apr 2024 in

Arkansas PBS stands as a beacon of education, entertainment and cultural enrichment for the people of Arkansas. At the heart of this public broadcasting network lies a group of dedicated supporters known as the Ambassadors Circle. Their generosity and commitment play a pivotal role in sustaining the mission and vision of Arkansas PBS to educate, inform, entertain and inspire all our viewers and lifelong learners.

Who They Are

The Ambassadors Circle is an esteemed group of donors who show their passion and commitment to public broadcasting by making a gift of $600 or more per year. Ambassadors Circle members comprised just a little over 3% of our total members in the last fiscal year, but they provided more than 22% of all membership revenue – so their impact is supersized compared to their relatively small numbers!

Also, our Ambassadors Circle members tend to maintain their dedication over many years. Sometimes when a new donor joins Arkansas PBS at the basic Passport level of $60 per year, they don’t always remain as loyal donors. We understand – sometimes, someone just really wants to donate long enough to watch their favorite series on Passport, and sometimes they just don’t have the ability to keep giving, or to give at higher levels. We appreciate all of those gifts, as well. But, we couldn’t do the work we do without the loyal generosity of our Ambassadors Circle donors.

As a gesture of our gratitude for their significant contributions, AC donors receive benefits like behind-the-scenes newsletters and exclusive or advance invitations to special events.

Education Matters

One of the key pillars of Arkansas PBS's mission is education. Through innovative programs and initiatives, Arkansas PBS strives to enhance learning opportunities for individuals of all ages. Ambassadors Circle donors recognize the importance of education and the transformative power of public broadcasting in shaping minds and inspiring curiosity. Many Ambassadors Circle members donate because of the impact and importance that public broadcasting played in their own lives. For some, public media was their first education about different parts of our world. For others, they were able to learn about different people who they might never meet, but, because of the power of public media, they know that none of us are as different as we think.  

Supporting Local

Ambassadors Circle donors also play a vital role in advancing Arkansas PBS's mission to celebrate the culture and heritage of Arkansas. By supporting programs like “Dream Land: Little Rock’s West 9th Street,” “Arkansas Dairy Bars: Neat Eats and Cool Treats,” “Celebrating Arkansas” or “Arkansas Treasures,” which highlight the diverse stories and history of our state, these donors help foster a sense of pride and unity within Arkansas communities. Through AC members’ generosity, Arkansas PBS can amplify the voices of Arkansans and preserve their stories for future generations.

Truly, our Ambassadors Circle donors are champions of Arkansas PBS and public broadcasting. Their generosity, passion and dedication empower Arkansas PBS to fulfill its mission and help to ensure that Arkansas PBS continues to be a trusted source of education, entertainment and cultural enrichment for ALL Arkansans.

For more information on how you can become an Ambassadors Circle member, and the benefits of AC membership, contact Kendi Jensen-Loving at 501-730-9310 or, or click here for details.  

Kendi Jensen-Loving 
Arkansas PBS Foundation Major Gifts Officer