"Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2023" State Champions

24 Apr 2023 in

The “Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2023” state champions have been crowned in the state conference finals held at Arkansas PBS on Saturday, April 22, and we’re proud to celebrate these outstanding young scholars!

The final standings were:


2023 State Champion: Norfork School District

Front Row (from left): Jeronimo Fernández, Billy Branscum, Jesse Maple, Ethan Terrill and Jimmy Foster

Back Row (from left): Coach Pam Braun, Bobby Mattson, Arinne Woody, Ransom Gibson, Carson Beavers, Brandon Wilbur, Charlotte Moore and Stacey Hayner

Runner-up: Sacred Heart Catholic School

Front Row (from left): Callie Gottsponer, Megan Fresneda, Emma Dold, Rebecca Hartman and Brianna McCoy

Back Row (from left): Coach Patti Bottoms, Asher Galla, Isaac Duvall, Wade Sommers and Jack Drilling


2023 State Champion: Haas Hall Academy Bentonville

Front Row (from left): Hollin Glaze, Alex Moeller, Ethan Bailey, Shruthi Nannapaneni and Pranav Neupane

Back Row (from left): Coach Anjeanette Levings, Jackson Corbin, Reese Smith, Ming li and Dustin Bailey

Runner-up: Life Way Christian School

From left: Conner Nowlin, Osten Sutherland, Immanuel Peter and Asa Fowler


2023 State Champion: Mountain View School District

Front Row (from left): Rhett Avey, Austin McDonald, Claire Bishop, Trent Wichkam and Riley Hart

Back Row (from left): Evan Fowlkes, Devin Leubner, Sahara Goodwin, Justice Hines and Adhi Anandaraj

Runner-up: Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville

Front Row (from left): Jovin Pianalto, Alex Ward, Parker Isaacks, Eric Wilkins and Eric Suarez

Back Row (from left): Joshia Ofodile, Henry Szalanski, Hemali Gauri, Tyler Johnson, Sohan Prabhudesai, Philip Wu, Ethan Walker and Jaid Pham


2023 State Champion: Arkadelphia Public Schools

Front Row (from Left): Stanley Cordero, Calvin Clardy, Blaise Batson, Judsen Coon, Sawyer Grimm, Bryce Martin and Mason McKinney

Middle Row (from left): Jared Campbell, Alice Dong, Timothy LeVar, Emma Nelson and Kate Perrin

Back Row (from left): Graham Greer, Lucas Burroughs, M. Sullivan Jones, Jacob Gables and Brandon Dickey

Runner-up: Bauxite High School

Front Row (from left): Tirston Kelley, Audrey Foster, Trinity Brasher, Forsythia Williams and  Kloe Jackson

Back Row (from left): Coach Tiffany Scruggs and Russell Williams


2023 State Champion: Batesville School District

Front Row (from left): Mai-Lan Ho, Alexander Tenace, Ty Bishop, Charles Stinnett and Dylan Story

Back Row (from left): Gwen Goodwin, Quentin Hanson, Asher Stroud, Brayden Johnson and Taylor Bishop

Runner-up: Valley View School District

Front Row (from left): Kaydan Tran, Conner Bradway, Abigail Scott, Maggie Gao and Adriana Ayala

Back Row (from left): Coach Travis Crader, William Crader, Jack Lee, Issac Henry, Elizabeth Jones, Meridith Eagle and Assitant Coach Paige Jones


2023 State Champion: Russellville High School

Front Row (from left) Crawford Rash, Gino Mascuilli, Hayden Daniel, Sarah Shoptaw and Claryn Nupp

Back Row (from left): EmJ Hubbard, Coach Becki Quoss, Noah Wooten, Raynee Bacorn, Allie Hernandez, Avery Feemster, Greg Simpson, Veeren Donda, Zion McArthur, Tyler Mitts, Jafet Alcocer-Benites, Coach Drew Taylor, Coach Paul Gray, Vicente Gonzales, Shiann Sinar, Logan Greggs and Coach Steven Quoss

Runner-up: Benton Public Schools

Front Row (from left): Luke Tolbert, Owen Schwartz, Joseph Dorsey, Jonathan Dorsey and Natalie Williams

Back Row (from left): Tanner Holden Connor Farmer, Abba Benafield, Ian Dandurand, Olivia Kreulen and Coach Michelle Hastings


2023 State Champion: Fayetteville High School

Front Row (from left): Keming Meng, Cameron Catson, Janet Fu, Irene Raich and Sumedh Klyankar

Back Row (from left): Coach Amber Pinter, Joseph Lo, Pierce Todd, Taksh Patel, Alan Chen, Luna Richter, Karen Di and Meagan metts

Runner-up: Conway High School

Front Row (from left): Jack Ghormley, Ellie Feng, Jack Derden, Isani Patel and James Xin

Back Row (from left): Barrett Carter, Sophia McGraw, Daniel Taft, Elias Priest, Alekhya Kavi, Jacob Regehr, Ethan Elrod and Coach Daniel Holcomb

Congratulations to all of these outstanding young scholars! All matches are now available to watch at youtube.com/arkansaspbs. The Arkansas Governor's Quiz Bowl Association awarded scholarship money to each team and to all-tournament, most valuable players and high-point players.

"Quiz Bowl" is a celebration and recognition of scholarship that has been an Arkansas PBS tradition since 1985. In a series of questions, players must display their knowledge in literature, math, science, history, art, music and economics. Teams from across the state compete for the chance to represent The Natural State in national tournaments.

"Arkansas Quiz Bowl 2023" Matches

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