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Paint With Kevin

Watch Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. on AETN

"Paint With Kevin" offers painting hobbyists step-by-step instructions for creating "wet-on-wet" oil paint landscapes and seascapes. In each 30-minute episode, host Kevin Hill provides instruction in a calm, reassuring manner and coaches viewers as they expand their painting skills.

Using an array of vibrant colors and varied painting techniques, audiences learn to create beautiful art as they progress from a blank canvas to a completed painting. Lessons in the 13-episode season are suitable for artists of all skill levels and will supply participants with detailed information on subjects including applications, blending, creating perspective, composition and color mixing.

Portrait Photo of Kevin Hill

Host Kevin Hill is a California-based artist, art instructor, popular YouTube host and online gallery owner who learned to paint at age 15 by watching PBS programming. Now 18, Hill specializes in the "wet-on-wet" oil painting technique and prefers the style because it allows artists of all skill levels to produce a complete work in a short time period.


Looking For More Episodes?

Learn landscape oil painting techniques and more. Keivn teaches you many important aspects of the project. Also, learn the technical side of painting with many tips on lighting and perspective!