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Arkansas Natural Heritage

Arkansas is blessed with an abundance of natural resources and supports many self-maintaining ecosystems. Nature has balanced animal and plant life in exquisite, prairies, forests, swamps and glades that dot the Arkansas landscape. Efforts to protect the state's rich natural diversity result in an uncommon treasure as a legacy for future generations of Arkansans. Private landowners, government agencies, and the general public all benefit from a working partnership to protect and preserve the dwindling number of truly natural places in Arkansas.

Arkansas' Natural Heritage, which premiered Thursday, January 28, 1999 on AETN, features some of Arkansas' natural areas, highlighting their uniqueness and value to all Arkansans. Former U.S. Sen. Dale Bumpers narrates the 30-minute program.

The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission was established in 1973 to preserve the natural diversity of Arkansas. Since then, 55 pieces of land, encompassing 25,000 acres, have been purchased to preserve exemplary natural communities and habitat for threatened plants and animals throughout the state. This AETN program visits several of Arkansas' preserved areas, including Kings River Falls, Searles Prairie, Cossatot River/State Park Natural Area, Falcon Bottoms, Warren Prairie, Benson Creek and Flanagan Prairie.

Follow this link to view a map and list of the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission's Department of Arkansas Heritage System of Arkansas Natural Areas.

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