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Healing Minds. Changing Attitudes.

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  • Holiday Blues
    The holiday season can be a joyous occasion, but it can also bring about stress, anxiety and sadness, commonly referred to as the holiday blues. This program will examine how to recognize the signs and manage it. Determining the difference between the blues and clinical depression is also discussed.
  • Early Childhood Mental Health
    Taking a look at early childhood mental health and problems that can emerge in the first five years of life.
  • First Episode Psychosis
    Approximately 3 in 100 people will experience an episode of psychosis during their lifetime according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This program will discuss First Episode Psychosis or FEP, the first time a person experiences psychotic symptoms. A panel of mental health experts will talk about those symptoms, warning signs, diagnosis and treatment.

"Healing Minds. Changing Attitudes." examines all areas of mental health, including stigma, illnesses, diagnosis, treatment and medications.

The program is underwritten by the Arkansas Mental Health Research and Training Institute of the Division of Behavioral Health Services, Arkansas Department of Human Services.