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Exploring Arkansas November 2016

The historic swinging bridge built in 1914 on Sylamore Creek north of Mountain View continues to be a family gathering place for picnics and serving as a popular swimming and fishing hole. In 1930 when a 820-pound meteorite fell to the earth near Paragould, it put the town into history and science books -at the time it was the largest meteorite ever to be seen in its descent. The town of Beaver in northwest Arkansas has one of the most picturesque landmarks in the state - the Little Golden Gate Bridge, which the locals call-"the bridge to nostalgia." An artistic couple in Eureka Springs have turned their house and property into a real life fantasy land, with unique "fairy tale" architecture. The 1856 historic Smyrna Church west of Searcy, happens to be the oldest documented church building in the state. It's also one of only five antebellum churches still standing in Arkansas.