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Spring is here! Make the most of season with "Exploring Arkansas."

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 "Exploring Arkansas" Website

The sun's shining, the flowers are blooming and these balmy temperature make it easy to enjoy Arkansas's great outdoors! Shake off the winter blues and get ready to discover the wonders around you with the "Exploring Arkansas" website. From Chuck Dovish's top 10 favorite places to a search feature that lets you find sights and activities near you, we have everything you need to plan your own adventure!

Enhanced for use on your mobile device, presents a ton of great features. No matter the weather, you can always access more than 250 video segments of "Exploring Arkansas." And, depending on where you'd like to go, you can even find quick "guide casts" for locations around the state.

But what a lot of us at AETN are especially excited about is how the "Exploring Arkansas" website helps find great places near you -- or sites that feature exactly what kind of activity you want to try. (After all, we wear poor Chuck out asking for suggestions all the time!) 

The search feature on the EA site lets you search all of Chuck's video segments by activity, region, season and topography -- so whether you want to check out waterfalls in all of their springtime glory or you'd like to find a family friendly campsite and a moderate hike, all of the "Exploring Arkansas" archive is open to you! Plus, for serious adventurers, Chuck the shares GPS coordinates to the more remote locations he's visited to take you off the beaten track.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to go exploring!

"Exploring Arkansas" website

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