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Chuck's Blog - Plantation Homes of Arkansas

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They came to Arkansas from Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia to the rich river soil of the Delta. “Planters” arrived to grow the king of all crops – cotton. The stately homes these planters built with a unique architectural style, steeped in Southern history, exemplified the plantation era.  

On Monday, Dec. 2 at 6:30 p.m., join me for a special edition of “Exploring Arkansas” – “Plantation Homes of Arkansas.” 

Through these unique homes, visitors can experience the plantation culture of the nineteenth century, which illuminated the rich historical and cultural heritage of the American South and the habits and traditions of its people, along with the triumphs and tragedies of its past,all preserved to come alive for present and future generations.

We’ll take you on a tour of the Lakeport Plantation near Lake Village – the only remaining Arkansas antebellum plantation home along the Mississippi River. Also, we’ll visit the Elms Plantation in Altheimer, which is actually a bed and breakfast inn. The tour concludes with what is known as “a mansion of Arkansas” – Marlsgate Plantation Mansion in Scott.  

Experience the plantation homes of Arkansas that have not … gone with the wind.