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Chuck’s Blog - “Exploring Arkansas” February 2015

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Reliving the lifestyle and adventure of the American frontier, going on a photography outing along the Mulberry River in autumn and restoring wagons of the Old West – it’s all coming up during a brand new “Exploring Arkansas” episode on Monday, Feb. 2, at 6:30 p.m.! 

It’s called a pre-1865 historical re-enactment or mountain man rendezvous – experiencing the lifestyle and adventure of the American frontier. And it’s a buckskin blowout, to say the least! Actually, quite a few of these types of outings are carried out all across the country on a regular basis. We caught up with one recently near the Mulberry River in the Ozarks near Oark. A school group from Oark High School participated in this event and added to the entire setting — not to mention getting a hands-on history lesson in everything from dutch oven cooking to blacksmithing to the art of throwing a tomahawk! Look out! 





Speaking of the Mulberry River, we went on a photography outing with a few of the locals during the peak autumn colors along the river, and you talk about some spectacular scenes – oh my!  “Majestic Mulberry” is what we called it!




Finally, Tom Elliott of Botkinburg isn’t about to let those wagons from the Old West wither away from the American scene.  He has restored quite a few of them, so we decided to pay  a visit to his shop and give him a hand on his latest.  It’s quite the story indeed … a man, his passion and his one-man wagon company!





Monday, Feb. 2, 2015

“Exploring Arkansas,” 6:30 p.m.