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Exploring Arkansas: From Above

From rock formations, unique landmarks, stunning waterfalls, and magnificent waterways – Arkansas isn’t called The Natural State for nothing. From a bird’s eye perspective see Arkansas like you have never before. We’ll visit some of your favorite locations, landmarks, and our natural wonders through four seasons of stunning beauty.

Join Chuck Dovish as we go "Exploring Arkansas From Above"! Coming to Arkansas PBS, Nov. 29.

Exploring Arkansas: From Above Blog

  • Chuck’s Blog – “Exploring Arkansas From Above: Summer”

    Our aerial cinematic look at all four seasons in The Natural State, “Exploring Arkansas From Above,” scheduled to premiere Nov. 29 at 7 p.m., will begin with summer. Take a sneak peek at everything you have to look forward to – from lakes and swamps to overlooks and vineyards – with Chuck Dovish now!

  • Chuck’s Blog – “Exploring Arkansas From Above”
    Hello, friends and loyal viewers! Many of you have been asking about new “Exploring Arkansas” projects, and I’m chomping at the bit to tell you about the awe-inspiring special we’ve been working on for a year. Keep reading to find out how we’ve captured The Natural State’s four seasons with a state-of-the-art cinematic drone and how you can see it in “Exploring Arkansas From Above” starting Nov. 29!
  • Locations

    1. Arkansas Sphinx

      The Arkansas Sphinx, north of Hagarville in the Ozark National Forest, does indeed resemble the Great Sphinx of Egypt, with an added bonus – a diamond-shaped “eye” which is just begging for a drone to fly right straight through it!

    2. Rattlesnake Ridge Natural Area

      This ridge juts out west of Pinnacle Mountain, west of Little Rock, and is preserved by The Nature Conservancy for not only the unique plant life here, but it also happens to be the eastern-most point of the Western Diamond-Back Rattlesnake – and thus the name -Rattlesnake Ridge.

    3. Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area

      Five-story rock columns tower above you, as one hikes through this area near Pelsor in the Ozark National Forest. Utilizing a drone would add a really cool tour as it zooms around and in-between the columns.

    4. Sugarloaf Mountain National Recreation Trail

      This volcano-looking mountain in the middle of Greers Ferry Lake has a bluff line that encircles the mountain near the top, and hence the name – Sugarloaf. Accessible only by boat, it is the only designated national recreation trail that’s located on an island.

    5. Seven Devils Swamp Natural Area

      For decades, this swamp near Monticello has been a favorite with hunters, anglers, photographers and nature lovers. –And, many became lost trying to get out – because “it’s a devil trying to make it out.” Seven little lakes (“seven devils”) form this unique habitat protected by The Nature Conservancy. With a birds-eye view from a drone, viewers will be able to see exactly why it is” a devil of a time” trying to make it back out.

    6. “Wild & Scenic” Mulberry River

      The Mulberry River north of Mulberry along the southern border of the Ozark National Forest, is a nationally designated “Wild and Scenic” river. –And that, it definitely is! A float trip down this river is an unforgettable experience. –And with a drone following along, it becomes an even greater adventure!

    7. Cedar Falls

      This 95-foot tall waterfall is located at Arkansas’ flagship state park – Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton. The one-mile trail to Cedar Falls is also a National Recreation Trail. These falls are the most visited of any other in the state, with an average 500 thousand plus hikers making the trek every year. The views from a drone will add to the majestic qualities of Cedar Falls.

    8. Kings River Overlook

    9. Mount Magazine

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