“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” Season 2

Week 1

Family Day Dilemma
It’s Parents’ Day at camp, and Blueberry is so excited to meet a bunch of new friends. However, she gets confused when only Max’s mom shows up. Blueberry has to learn that families come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Finding your Roots with Arkansas Crafts School
  • Create a friendship Tree
  • Passing it on! With Mosaic Templar’s Cultural Center
  • Learning about oral history and passing on family stories
  • Mom and Pop - I Really Love to Color and Draw!
  • Mom and Pop - Take Care

Week 1 Family Toolkits

Week 2

The Summertime Friendship Feast!
Blueberry is excited about the summertime friendship feast at the mess hall. So excited that she seems surprised when Max tells her there is more to the feast than food. Blueberry goes on a mission to find out all about culture and foods in Arkansas.

  • Dishin’ Tradition! Central Arkansas Library System
  • Mind Yo Manners! With Proper Way Academy in Centerton
  • Order Up! Cooking with Kids Cook! In Little Rock
  • Mom and Pop - Manners Matter

Week 2 Family Toolkits

Week 3

Camp Counselor Carol’s Fearful Phobia
Camp Counselor Carol has to go to the doctor but she is terrified of her medical visit. Blueberry is astounded – She didn’t think grown-ups got scared. The whole gang learn lessons about the importance of good health and facing your fears!

  • Doctor, Give me the News! with Arkansas Children’s Hospital
  • Germ Alarm! With Mid America Science Museum
  • Mom and Pop - A Little Bit Afraid

Week 3 Family Toolkits

Week 4

The Bothersome Brother
Blueberry and Max are excited for the end of summer kite competition at camp. That is until Max’s step-brother, Miles, drops by for a visit. Now, Blueberry has to ease this sibling rivalry so their kites can take to the skies.

  • Up, Up and Away with the Innovation Hub
  • How Does My Kite Fly? with Scott Family Amazeum
  • Mom and Pop - My Kite and I

Week 4 Family Toolkits

Last Updated 14 Jul 2022