“Blueberry’s Clubhouse” Season 1

Get to know Blueberry, a fun-loving puppet guide to engaging and insightful activities for students out of school for the summer months, on adventures across The Natural State. A digital series will accompany the broadcast program.

Learn more about how Blueberry's Clubhouse helped impact Arkansans in this Blueberry's Clubhouse Impact Report

Check out a new episode each week!
Blueberry, assisted by Camp Counselor Carol and special guests, will introduce various topics to help young viewers learn and play each day.

In Case You Missed It - Season 1

Week 1

Blueberry Weathers the Storm
Blueberry is throwing a party for her dear friend, Max, and works to make sure everything is perfect for the special day – even with some thunder clouds on the horizon.

Week 2

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Caterpillar
Blueberry introduces her pet caterpillar. She is trying to come up with a name for it until the unthinkable happens: the caterpillar goes missing!

Week 3

Into the Wild Blue Yonder
Blueberry ventures out into the great outdoors, exploring the sights and sounds of The Natural State.

Week 4

Blueberry’s End of Summer Jamboree
Blueberry is hosting a talent show to lift up all the wonderfully creative and talented kids at camp.

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Last Updated 14 Jul 2022