Blueberry's Clubhouse: A Very Blurry Blueberry

Blueberry loses her glasses … and then things get worse! Blueberry is in a panic, and the unthinkable happens during the great glasses hunt: Blueberry’s glasses get crushed. She has to get a new pair, but nothing seems right. Bummed about her new spectacles, Blueberry is beside herself, and Max has to cheer up this sad berry in order to get the summer back on track. Blueberry learns that change can be good, and so can seeing the world from a different view. Featured partners and activities for this episode include learning how the eye works with The Arts & Science Center for Southeast Arkansas (Pine Bluff); learning how glasses work with Dr. Iris Roll; and singing mömandpöp’s song “Seein’ is Believin’.” Last Updated 25 Jul 2022