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Arkansas Week July 5, 2019

(An Ailing Arkansas) In our state more than most others, we make ourselves sick. We either don't take care of ourselves or don't consult those who would keep us healthy. (Mortality and Morbidity) So our rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke and other diseases is far greater than need be. (Dollars for Diseases) The cost of preventable ailments costs the Arkansas economy, to include the Arkansas taxpayer, hundreds of millions of dollars each year. (Pathway to Health?) Are there solutions and are we pursuing them as we should? It's our focus on a special edition of Arkansas Week.

Panelists: ShaRhonda Love – Director of the Arkansas Minority Health Commission; Dr. Appathurai Balamurugan (Dr. Bala) – Director of Chronic Diseases for the Arkansas Dept. of Health; Dr. Joe Thompson – President and CEO of Arkansas Center for Health Improvement.