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Arkansas Week May 10, 2019

(Revised GDP) Arkansas's economy, after a record-setting revenue month, is Cassandra whispering? (Dreams vs. Deficits) A troubled Arkansas capitol city, in conspicuous need of new, additional capital, it's new mayor's agenda plainly problematic. (Public, Private Dollars) If the way forward for Little Rock and all of Arkansas is high technology, are we aiming high enough and fast enough? (Underwater, Overhead, Overseas) But first, Hundreds of millions of dollars involved, a huge portion of that state GDP. With torrential rains and tumult in the political arena, the Arkansas farmer in the spring of his discontent.

Panelists: Randy Veach, President of the Arkansas Farm Bureau; Dr. Mark Cochran, Vice President of Agriculture at the UA's Cooperative Extension Service; Rebekah Hall,  Arkansas Times; Sarah Kellogg, KUAR; and Wesley Brown, Talk Business & Politics.