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The American Dream In Arkansas

In "A Deeper Look: The American Dream in Arkansas," AETN visits two cities facing unique struggles. Most would agree that Blytheville and Pine Bluff have both seen better times - bustling downtown areas, vibrant social scenes and good economies. The downtown streets of both cities are eerily quiet these days. Once beautiful, ornate buildings sit exposed to the elements. At first glance, reflecting on the glory days of these cities, it would appear that the American dream in Arkansas is dead or dying. AETN looks deeper by spending two weeks immersed in each city, uncovering stories that shed light on the state of the American dream in Arkansas. The result is a half-hour examination of the state of the American dream in the Arkansas Delta.

2018 Bronze Telly Award for General Public Interest & Awareness
2017 Communicator Award of Distinction for Best Film/Video Social Issues/Responsibility
2017 Regional Emmy Nomination for Best Public & Current Affairs from the National Academy TV Arts & Sciences

"A Deeper Look: The American Dream in Arkansas" screening at Arkansas Northeastern College

"A Deeper Look: The American Dream in Arkansas" is part of the national initiative "Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America," which aims to provide a deeper understanding of the impact of poverty on American society and solutions to bring people out of poverty.

Last Updated 13 Sep 2018