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Wildwood and Steve Davison

Wildwood brings to AETN bluegrass, "old-timey" music and originals. The group has said their music is reminiscent of blues or underground rock, featuring three veteran singer/songwriters - guitarist Jason Payton, bassist Robin Rues and flat-picker Bayard Blain - who specialize in two and three part harmonies. Payton, a native of rural Indiana, picks the backbeat rhythm, which has helped the band form their original sound. He also plays upright bass and harmonica. Rues, a longtime devotee of bluegrass, plays upright bass, guitar and octave mandolin. Blain is an award-winning musician who recently joined the group. He plays guitar, mandolin and octave mandolin. Steve Davison's musical career began at the age of 12 when he played drums in rock and roll bands, and he began playing guitar at 19 after seeing a solo acoustic guitar performance. His compositions are built on simple melodic structures that focus on the intimacy of the guitar and the tonal possibilities of alternative tunings that give the guitar such extraordinary range. He has appeared at the Acoustic Sounds Cafe, Peace Acoustic Cafe and Riverfest.