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3 Penny Acre

3 Penny Acre is a musical collaboration between four up-and-coming songwriters. Each member is accomplished in their own right, bringing to the band vast experience and successes from prior musical endeavors. 3 Penny Acre is, however, greater than the sum of its parts. Listeners are starting to notice the unique blend of songwriting and vocals that form the foundation of this band's Ozark inspired bluegrass/folk music 3 Penny Acre won the 2008 Walnut Valley Festival (Winfield, Kansas) NewSongs in two catagories. Two songs, "Dig A Little Deeper" and "Concrete and Clay", from their debut album were selected from over 680 entries. The exposure that Walnut Valley Festival brought 3 Penny Acre was not the only successes of the band's freshman year. 3 Penny Acre also played the famed Good Folk House (Fayetteville, Arkansas), Little Rock Riverfest, Mulberry Mountain Festival, and the 61st Ozark Folk Festival.