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“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 3” – Meet the Characters

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Our third season of “Blueberry’s Clubhouse” is almost here! But, before we start our Camp Onomatopoeia kickoff, let’s run down the who’s who of the folks and critters you’ll see this summer!





Blueberry’s appetite for adventure and camp snacks are at the heart of every story.  This summer, Blueberry is excited to be growing up, but some things are changing too fast. With new campers, scary stories and lakeside storms, Blueberry often feels overwhelmed; but, with all her friends by her side, she knows she can see it through.





This is Max’s last summer at camp! She has grown up at Camp Onomatopoeia and, while she knows it is time to move on from the clubhouse, she is nervous about what the future holds. While Blueberry and Sophie are wrapped up in summertime dramas, Max grows more distant as the summer goes on, but she still hesitant to say goodbye.





Sophie Lewis is the new camper in the clubhouse! A day camper who spends her afternoons with Blueberry and Max, Sophie is a voracious reader and precocious problem-solver. Sophie isn’t afraid to meet Blueberry’s big personality toe-to-toe. Hopefully, the girls can find enough room in the Clubhouse for the both of them.




Miles, in a red-striped shirt and orange apron operates an ice cream maker at a table in Camp Onomatopoeia's Mess Hall on the set of Blueberry's Clubhouse.

Max’s little brother and the Camp Onomatopoeia sous chef, Miles loves spending time with Chef Shawn and Marv in the Mess Hall. Miles knows the best recipes for fun always include sick dance moves and pinch of chaos!


Camp Counselor Carol



The heart and soul of Camp Onomatopoeia, Camp Counselor Carol loves every camper under her care. Carol knows the best way for kids to learn is by having adventures on their own, but she is always there with a helpful tip and a guiding hand when things go awry.


Chef Shawn



The mad scientist of soups, salads and soufflés, Chef Shawn is a culinary creative force to be reckoned with. This season, Shawn steps up front and center when his kitchen is invited to take part in a recipe contest. Shawn might have to ask for help from the last person he wants to talk to … his big sister.





Melba the duck is the camp pet, who loves to hang out at the rundown shack formerly known as Banana’s Cabana. Melba is always eager to lend a friendly ear to any camper’s problems – as long as they offer a snack of seeds.


Barb & Flo


Green Floret and Magenta Rhubarb stand in the Camp Onomatopoeia Mess Hall kitchen on the set of Blueberry's Clubhouse


Two vibrant veggie sisters, Barb and Flo (AKA Rhurbarb and Floret) love to hang out in the kitchen with Shawn and Miles. While they love to give Shawn a hard time, when the grits really hit the fan they are there to support and champion their favorite chef and help with whatever culinary creation has lost its way.


Marv the Mess Hall Mouse


Marv the Mess Hall Moose hollers while decked out for scary story night at Blueberry's Clubhouse - Marv is wrapped in toilet paper and wearing a blue and white floral sleep mask.


The oldest creature at camp, Marv is the keeper of the Camp Onomatopoeia’s history.  A great listener and storyteller, Marv is always there with a quick word of advice to help campers keep their problems in perspective.


Mr. Matheeny



An old friend of Counselor Carol’s and a former camper himself, Mr. Matheeny works for Our House in Little Rock. Every summer, he leads a camp-wide clean-up to collect toys and clothes that the campers don’t use anymore so that they can give them to less fortunate kids across the state.


Sasha the Ice Cream Queen



Chef Shawn’s sister and the accomplished Arkansas Queen of Ice Cream, Sasha works for Loblolly Creamery in Little Rock. When the campers call Sasha with a problem, she is happy to help – even if it does drive Shawn crazy.


The Jams!


The Jams and the girls - Blueberry, Max and Sophie - rock out on the set of Blueberry's Clubhouse


The Jams are a psychedelic rock band of puppets and people with Blueberry’s uncle Goji Berry on lead flute! Their band formed years ago at Camp Onomatopoeia, but they haven’t played together in ages. Can Blueberry convince her uncle and his friends to come back together for last reunion tour?


Check out all these characters and more this summer on “Blueberry’s Clubhouse”!Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season Three” premieres Friday, July 8, at 9:30 a.m., only on Arkansas PBS.






“Blueberry’s Clubhouse: Season 3,” Fridays at 9:30 a.m. starting July 8.


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