FCC Station Profiles and Public Files

Below is a direct link to the FCC Station Profiles and Public Files web site. Use this site to view online Arkansas PBS's Public Files for each of its six station transmitters. Enter the call letters of the station you wish to view in the box labeled "Find A Station" and then click on the "blue" button. This will take you to that particular station where you can search for all of the various required documents in the station's Public File.

Arkansas PBS's Six Station Transmitters

Station Channel# City of License Region Served
KAFT 13 Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas
KEMV 6 Mountain View North Central Arkansas
KETG 9 Arkadelphia Southwest Arkansas
KETS 2 Little Rock Central Arkansas
KETZ 12 El Dorado South Arkansas
KTEJ 19 Jonesboro Northeast Arkansas
Last Updated 25 Jun 2020