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All-new 'Bob the Builder' to premiere on AETN Nov. 15

Posted 13 Nov 2015

"Bob the Builder" has been entertaining preschool audiences and bringing the world of construction to life for more than 16 years with his antics in the seaside harbor town of Fixham. "Bob the Builder" returns to the Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) Sunday, Nov. 15, at 7 a.m. with an all-new look as a CGI-animated series.

Packed with humor and fun, the series includes new characters, locations and stories that foster social-emotional growth and introduce age-appropriate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts. The series has been retooled, but Bob and his crew are still the warm and caring friends any preschooler would want as playmates. The new series will see "Bob the Builder" continuing its long tradition of telling fun and interesting stories through positivity and teamwork with exciting characters, relatable locations and an aspirational hero.

All of the show's core characters return for the new series, including Bob's business partner Wendy and popular vehicles Scoop, Muck and Lofty. Other fan favorites Roley and Dizzy also remain, and new faces join the cast, including Leo, an apprentice builder; Mayor Maria Madison; energetic young sports club members, The Spring City Rockets; and two new machines, a heavy-lifting low-loader truck called Two Tonne and a tower crane called Tiny.

There's still no job too big or small for Bob and the gang, as they approach every job with positivity, enthusiasm and their catch phrase "Can we build it? Yes we can!"

Bob also has a new home in the bustling metropolis of Spring City - a rapidly-developing modern urban skyline of steel and glass, complete with its own docks, a diverse population and shops and restaurants. But, his switch to the big city doesn't signal the end for his traditional home in Fixham, where he's still building and carrying out smaller jobs throughout the series.

In addition to a new look, the voice cast now features: Lee Engelby ("Harry Potter") as Bob; Joanne Froggatt ("Downton Abbey") as Wendy; Blake Harrison ("Inbetweeners") as Scoop; and Jacob Scipio ("CBeebies") as Leo.

"Bob the Builder" brings preschoolers into the world of STEM as he and his crew take on building projects and improve existing structures. Bob and his team model STEM habits and practices while building on preschoolers' natural interests. Just as Bob and his team manipulate their environment, preschoolers like to explore and manipulate their environment, too. Bob and the team's adventures help promote vocabulary and language enrichment as preschoolers explore along with the characters the components of a build, the properties of building materials, and tools and safety procedures critical to getting the job done. The series fosters social and emotional development for preschoolers through the interaction of the characters and the activities in which they are involved. Social situations in the episodes resonate for kids as they learn about friendship, handling conflict, addressing fears, helping others, dealing with jealousy, sharing, teamwork and more. Central to "Bob the Builder" is the theme that all characters take responsibility for their actions.

"Bob the Builder" airs on AETN Sundays at 7 a.m.

"Bob the Builder" has been broadcast in over 175 countries and translated into 40 languages, and the new Bob is set to reach even further with 40-plus mini adventures coming to YouTube.

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