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You’ll want to take a look at this Private Eye Sunday

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Take a look at this private eye on “Masterpiece Mystery: Case Histories” this Sunday at 9 p.m. I have seen the first two hours of this three-part series and it’s just brilliant…as most things are on Masterpiece. But this new P.I. Jackson Brodie has it all – strong man/solver of mysteries, sensitive/funny father, struggling/flawed human…and gets stuck solving three great mysteries rolled into one brilliant, mesmerizing story that concludes masterfully. It left me wishing it wasn’t 10:30 and I could stay up watching the next four hours. Don’t think I wasn’t weighing if I could stay up late, sleep late and skip breakfast, a shower, race to work, but then decided my co-workers didn’t deserve that sort of torture. The frowns about the lack of hygiene may taint the joy from staying up with Jackson Brodie. So ‘til next time, this clean Masterpiece fan hit the hay.

Jason Isaacs ("Harry Potter," "The Patriot") stars as private investigator Jackson Brodie, the tough former soldier and policeman with a heart of gold, in this series based on the acclaimed novels by Kate Atkinson. Brodie, haunted by a past family tragedy, struggles to balance his personal and professional life while coming to the rescue of the bereaved, the lost and the dysfunctional in the Scottish city of Edinburgh.

Episode Three (based on the novel When Will There Be Good News?) Jackson is injured in a train wreck and acquires a teenage sidekick who saves his life and insists that he return the favor by finding her missing employer. Also, while barely conscious in the hospital, Jackson makes a startling declaration to a former police colleague. 

Watch a clip of Episode Three, all three episodes, and behind the scenes footage here.

Be sure to watch "Masterpiece Mystery: Case Histories" this Sunday at 9 p.m.