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William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School - Career Feature Visit

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What an amazing day it was to visit with Mr. Haigwood’s third graders at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary School in Sherwood. I was invited to their class to share about my career and to talk about PBS KIDS.

I told them my job is lots of fun. As a graphic designer, I create promotional materials for the programs and events we host. Not only do I get to design promotions around local programs, I also get to create things with favorite PBS KIDS characters from shows like “Let’s Go Luna”, “Curious George”, “Wild Kratts” and “Odd Squad”, just to name a few.


I wanted the students to understand how their lives are influenced by graphic artists every day. From the box of cereal that holds their breakfast to the books they read and even to the school desks they use in the classroom. These items — and many more — were designed by creative minds.


After talking about book covers and how they are illustrated, each student was given the opportunity to select a book to take home for the summer. AETN encourages students of all ages to keep up their learning by visiting their local libraries and reading throughout the summer.

Each student was also provided a book bag, reading chart, bookmark, “Odd Squad” stickers, buttons and special, color-changing pencils, as well as a few other goodies. We thank Mr. Haigwood for inviting us to his classroom and hopes everyone has an exciting summer!