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Whatcha got cookin'? Share it with "Cooking on the Wild Side"!

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If you're like us, you've enjoyed Phyllis Speers' cooking and John Philpot's antics for ages - on both "Arkansas Outdoors" and "Cooking On the Wild Side." Now, you have a chance to add to the fun! Show us your stuff by submitting your favorite (original) recipe for fish, venison, a side dish or a dessert. We'll be choosing our favorites for our newest Outdoor and Game Cookbook!

Be it Rabbit Ragout, a tried-and-true casserole or the dessert that stops a church social in its tracks, we can't wait to see what you've been stirring up in your kitchens! And how exactly will you share that with us? Well, we're glad you asked.

First off, head on over to the "Cooking on the Wild Side" webpage here:

And once you arrive there, you'll see this:

Cooking On the Wild Side Entry Form

All in all, it's set up to be a pretty simple process. We'll be asking for your basic info so that we can get in touch with you later if we need to - and give you credit for your fabulous kitchen ingenuity! Then, the recipe's the star. You just have one nice, blank space to type away. We didn't want to limit your creativity, but do please remember to make sure all of the basics are there in some form or fashion! (Dishes can get a bit ... interesting ... when we're missing ingredients, cook times, temperatures or steps, haha.)

After that, all we need you do to is punch in the security key (so we disqualify any sneaky little robots trying to worm their way into our recipe contest) and give us your blessing to share your cooking genius with the world! Just be sure to send your recipes into us by Friday, Sept. 20. We want to be sure we have plenty of time to taste test all of the fabulous concoctions before we send the final cut to the printer for distribution in December!


"Cooking On the Wild Side" Recipe Submission