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WATCH NOW - A Community Conversation With Paula Kerger

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We were thrilled to have PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger join us in AETN Studios on Feb. 11 for a Community Conversation. Focused on the Women and Girls Lead Initiative and women’s roles in business and public media, the evening provided an opportunity to focus on how far we’ve come … and the challenges women and girls around the world still face.

Want to learn more about the Women and Girls Lead initiative? Be sure to visit the innovative public media campaign’s website,, which is designed to celebrate, educate and activate women, girls and their allies across the globe to address the challenges of the 21st century. 

“We need to raise our own voices … if we see images that reinforce negative stereotypes, it’s up to each and every one of us to say no. I think that our sons and, frankly, daughters deserve better.” - Paula Kerger

In addition to offering a wide range of information and outstanding videos, the Women and Girls Lead initiative also offers an expansive toolkit for classrooms and individuals interested in sharing the project with their communities. Sign up for yours now here.  

We deeply appreciate Paula Kerger’s taking the time to visit Arkansas and address these important issues. As she remarked: 

“… If the media is as influential as I think most of us believe, then I think it does matter who is in front of the camera — and what images children and others see — but it also matters who’s making the decisions. Who’s deciding what stories are told, whose stories are told and how they’re told?”

We are truly grateful for Paula Kerger’s leadership and challenge to use our role in the media responsibly and reflect the communities we serve both in our broadcasts and in our workplace.


Women and Girls Lead

Download materials for the classroom, watch videos and learn more about the initiative at

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