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“War in the ‘60s” premieres May 15

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Delve into the “guts and glory” stories and go beyond them to discover the political and economic effects of the Civil War on Arkansans hearts and homes in prolific documentarian Jack Hill’s final film. Photographed in locations across the state, “War in the ‘60s” is the first full-length piece about Civil War Arkansas produced in the past 20 years.

When Arkansas seceded from the Union on May 6, 1861, it was a divided state - both politically and economically. Its unique strategic value — reflected in major military engagement like the Battle of Pea Ridge, which saved Missouri for the Union, and the Battle of Prairie Grove, the bloodiest conflict west of the Mississippi River — also created a difficult situation for civilians. As both armies passed through the state, they devoured … or destroyed … everything in their paths.

Through interviews with historians and the words of soldiers and Arkansas citizens who experienced the war, “War in the ‘60s” tells the story of what happened during the Civil War in Arkansas, a confederate state where more than 700 battles were fought. By delving into the lives of everyday Arkansans, the film — in addition to recounting some of the most important battles — describes the hardships inflicted by both Union and Confederate armies and endured by the civilian population.

By providing a broad perspective, the film helps viewers grasp what it was like to live in Arkansas during this tragic time in America’s history and see how the war changed the state forever.

We believe Mark Christ, community outreach director for the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, summarized the film’s impact beautifully:

 “‘War in the ‘60s’ covers Arkansas’s entire Civil War experience, from the major battles to the experiences of civilians, and from the depredations of bushwhackers to the travails of soldiers in the filed. Jack Hill’s final documentary is a testament to the men and women of Arkansas and the troops around the country who experienced the Civil War in Arkansas.”


Thursday, May 15, 2014

“War in the ‘60s,” 7 p.m.