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VOTE now for your fave Sesame Street episode

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CLICK here to vote for your favorite Sesame Street episode

Reading is gooooood.  So my fave has to be Tina Fey's Bookaneers.  Aye, Matey!  Not sure it's listed to vote, but it's what popped into my 5-year-old/38-year-old brain.  Check it

My 3-year-old would say anything with Elmo in it.  What is it with that squeaky red monster?  Fairly sure that a chip is inserted into little chilluns' brains at birth that programs them to have the zombie eye-spin when that matty puppet arrives on screen.  I have to give a shout out to my fave monster though (who doesn't have one I ask?)....Super Grover.  You gotta go with the underdog at times.  A superhero/monster who flails and fails and flops and still tries.....still loves that's a muppet I can get behind.  A muppet I want my kids to know.  You can fail but try and try again....that's the way to win respect in life.  Keep truckin' Grover.  Keepin' it real on the Street. 

November 10th starts the NEW SEASON....the 40th SEASON....of Sesame Street.  Check it out on AETN - Arkansas's only statewide public television station.