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Vote for what music you want for our Nov. 10 music show at

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Even with his debatable hot pink, silky, embroidered cowboy/Japanese shirt from 1981, John Denver did not let me down last night.  He was one of four national music choices for last night’s Soundcheck episode and psss! I voted.  For him.  Maybe, like a few times.  After all, he is my granola boyfriend.  I know, people my age maybe shouldn’t still play pretend/live in fantasyland but I did for an hour last night….such a pure, timeless voice that does what music is supposed to – invoke calm, peaceful, happy memories of particular times in childhood (p.s. my mother, too, pretended he was her boyfriend as Annie’s song and Follow Me (why doesn’t everyone play this at their wedding?) resonated throughout the house on Saturday morning).  His voice and song lyrics take me to another place….I don’t know, like a mountain with some sunshine with eagles flying overhead?  OOH I couldn’t wait for 9 p.m. last night.  Maybe one of our band choices for next week does the same thing for you…all local Arkansas favorites who have played in our own AETN studios.


Vote for what music you want to see and hear for our Nov. 10 music show.  AETN airs an eclectic mix of national and local music shows each Thursday night at 9 and now YOU have the chance to vote for what you want to watch this Thursday.


Visit to cast your vote!

Choices to watch Nov. 10:

  • “AETN Presents:  On the Front Row” with Trout Fishing
  • “AETN Presents:  On the Front Row” with the Cate Brothers
  • “AETN Presents:  On the Front Row” with Waylon Holyfield

AETN is dedicated to providing Arkansans with arts and culture programming like the new "Soundcheck" Thursday, our local arts series "AETN Arts Fridays", and the PBS Arts Fall Festival airing through December.