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“Victoria: Season 2” Premiere - 5 Things to Watch For

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From series favorites’ return and surprising new faces to post Honeymoon challenges, the premiere of “Victoria: Season 2” on “Masterpiece PBS” is packed with delightful twists. Take a quick peek at what you have to look forward to, then tell us what you hope to see next!

1.) “How to Have It All”  (The 1842 Edition)

Victoria, Albert and Vicky

Picking up six weeks after the “Season 1” finale, the honeymoon is over, and so is Victoria’s confinement. So, how will her beloved Albert have fared in her absence … and with her return? It’s a difficult balance to be both wife and queen, especially as the only  Queen Regnant to marry and give birth while on the throne. We can’t wait to see how our favorite fairytale couple balance the struggles of duty, family and love this season!

Dame Diana Rigg as the Duchess of Buccleuch

2.) Cover Your Cups, Dame Diana Rigg Is in the Palace

The Queen of Thornes, ahem, The Duchess of Buccleuch is making her way to Buckingham Palace this season and, if reports are to believed, razor-sharp wit (if not the same level of intrigue) is to be expected. The formidable Mistress of The Robes makes her entree in the first episode of the season and, we have to say, we’re looking forward to seeing where her character’s path leads.

Lord M and Victoria Season 2

3.) Smolder, Lord M, Smolder

The love story of Victoria and Albert is something we cherish, but we’d be lying if we were to say we didn’t want to see our favorite Whig in Buckingham Palace again, if just for a visit. And, luckily for all Rufus Sewell fans, he is rejoining us! To what ends, only time will tell, but it seems that — in addition to tending to his orchids — he has something of a secret …


4.) First Lady of Computer Programming

Even at court in the mid 1800s, there’s always room for more than one brilliant (and lovely) woman. Long loved by all at AETN for her role as Patsy on “Call the Midwife,” Emerald Fennell graces “Victoria: Season 2”  Sunday night as the revolutionary “Lady Mathematician” Ada Lovelace.

Born the daughter of celebrated (and somewhat infamous) poet Lord Byron, Ada became famous in her own right for her brilliance in mathematics and logic. With an approach she dubbed as “poetical science,” Lady Lovelace was instrumental in realizing Charles Babbage’s proposed mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine, recognizing the machine had applications beyond pure calculation and published the first algorithm intended to be carried out by a machine.

Victoria and Albert Season 2 Episode 1

5.) No Restraint Required (From You)

Excited for the “Victoria: Season 2” premiere, but not entirely sure that one episode will be enough? We can sympathize, and have great news! Starting at 8 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 14, AETN Passport Members can binge the entire second season of “Victoria.”  (You can also go back to watch all of your favorite parts of “Season 1.”) Want to learn more about AETN Passport? Stop by to get started.


Sunday, Jan. 14, 2018

Victoria: Season 2” Premiere


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