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To Infinity By Way of Solar - "Good Roots"

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The word infinity can take on a variety of emotions depending on how it’s used. For the Rowbothams, it means a place to create memories now and for future generations. Theron and Jeanie Rowbotham of Infinity Ranch in Hagersville, Arkansas, are the eighth generation to call their slice of farmland home. The ninth generation, their children Mae, 5, and Tate, 3, are eager participants around the farm and in solidifying its future.


Theron says, “To be a sustainable farm, you have to make investments for the future and can’t be worried about the short team.”

Tate and Mae smile on tailgate

 That’s just what they did. A few years ago, Theron and Jeanie decided to install solar panels on their farm to power up the turkey houses which they grow for Butterball. Economics certainly played a role in the decision. Once the initial investment is paid off, their energy bills could potentially be zero dollars. But that’s not the only reason the Rowbothams have invested in solar energy. Their focus has and always will be on creating a sustainable farm for their kids and hopefully for the many generations that follow.


Rowbothams in sheep pen

Energy is one of the largest costs for any farm. By installing solar panels, the Rowbothams have given the future generations of Infinity Ranch, a lifeline to economic stability.


Jeanie and Tate smile

 A report by the International Energy Agency found in its ‘World Energy Outlook’ that solar power is now the cheapest electricity in history.

Robatham smiles at cat

 “As the years go on, energy costs are going to go up; everybody agrees with that. But, if you put in solar and set up payments, your energy costs  in 10 years  will stay the same. And, once you pay off the loan, your energy is basically free,” says Theron.

Mae stands in front of animals

Where to start was easy for the family. Their solar company helped with information on tax credits, rebates and loans. It’s a big decision, but one Theron and Jeanie say they will stand by, for infinity.




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