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“The Jim Lindsey Story” Celebrates Success On and Off of the Field

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Star running back. NFL Captain. Collegiate and professional national championship winner. Real estate magnate. Arkansan Jim Lindsey’s life story is little if not legendary, but it began, not unlike many of our own, in the Arkansas Delta. 

Now recognized as one of the most successful players in the history of Arkansas Razorbacks football, Lindsey began his life working in the cotton fields on the weekends and turning a cow pasture into a ball field as he dreamed of becoming a star football player.

Though never the biggest or strongest player among his contemporaries, from the very beginning, Lindsey had a special gift for making the most of the talent and resources available to him to succeed.

Lindsey rose to broader recognition as running back for the Arkansas Razorbacks and helped lead the team to its 1964 National Championship. In the years following, Lindsey continued his rise to football fame as a player for the Minnesota Vikings, eventually becoming captain and leading the team to capture the 1969 title. 

Lindsey also used the signing bonus he received from the NFL to lay the groundwork for a booming real estate business, which he developed after retiring from his professional football career. Over time, he transformed his athletic earnings into a sizable fortune, which he leveraged to create real estate empire across the South which is still thriving today.

Former Arkansas Razorback’s teammate and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones narrates Lindsey’s Southern success story, and football fans will also enjoy interviews with College Football Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles, former Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Ken Hatfield, former NFL players Fred Cox and Dave Osborn, and Professional Football Hall of Fame coach Bud Grant.

“The Jim Lindsey Story” is written and produced by University of Arkansas student Clint Fullen. Executive producers include Emmy Award winners and University of Arkansas professors Larry Foley and Dale Carpenter. 


"The Jim Lindsey Story" 

Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 6:30 p.m. and Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 6:30 p.m.