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The Golden Guys and Gals of Conway - A Year-round Gift

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Arkansas PBS Foundaion Golden Guys and Gals at the annual Volunteer Potluck 

Hello, blog-o-sphere! I'm Kristy Garrett, Arkansas PBS Foundaion Volunteer Program Coordinator, and I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to a really special group, The Golden Guys and Gals.  All Conway residents, our Golden Guys and Gals come to AETN Headquarters twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, to do all the mailings for the Arkansas PBS Foundaion.  

Every letter or thank you gift you receive? The Golden Guys and Gals package them; they are a truly special group of volunteers! Even more so, these tireless, veteran volunteers are a tremendous support to AETN, saving us thousands of dollars we would otherwise have to pay a mailing service each year. As a group, these fabulous guys and gals provide approximately 5,000 volunteer hours per year.

Beyond this, many from the group also assist by helping to answer phones during the Arkansas PBS Foundaion's Annual Membership Campaigns and volunteer for community events like AETN Family Day and special concert events. And, after all of their hard work, we love to take an opportunity available to recognize their outstanding contributions.

Golden Guys and Gals with AETN Foudnation Director Mona Dixon 

To do a little further bragging on some of AETN's finest, at this year's Arkansas PBS Foundaion Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Nov. 8, The Golden Guys and Gals group received 10-year pins in honor of their continued volunteer service. Also, Joyce Hartsfield, the newest member of the group, received the Newcomer Volunteer of the Year Award. And, as if that weren't enough, members Nancy and Lyle Allison were inducted into the Arkansas PBS Foundaion's Volunteer Hall of Fame.  

This special group of people are an invaluable asset to AETN and all they ask for in return is hot coffee and our friendship, which we gladly give.

The Stark Family poses at the Arkansas PBS Foundaion Annual Volunteer Potluck 

On Friday, Dec. 14th, the group held their Annual Holiday Potluck.  Members Marge and Ray Stark's son, Steve Stark, provided BBQ from his catering company, Butts and Bones, and a wonderful time was had by all.

Volunteers sit down to their meal at the annual Arkansas PBS Foundaion Volunteer Potluck. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for sharing food, fun and friendship, with some of the most dedicated people I know. This holiday season, we're extremely grateful for the wonderful gift The Golden Guys and Gals of Conway provide us with every week.



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