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The Cat in the Hat vs. Alaskan Grizzly in Fight Club – you make the call.

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The Cat in the Hat vs. Alaskan Grizzly in Fight Club – you make the call.  We don’t give our kids enough credit.  Kids get it.  They can understand, learn and love BOTH PBS Kids shows like “The Cat and the Hat Knows a lot about That” AND “Nature” (typically what we would call an ‘adult’ show.  I guess we adults get used to looking specifically for ‘Kids’ programs just like we may look for ‘Kids FOOD’ in the grocery store.  Maybe we should assume they will make good choices if they are presented with good options.  So I started DVR’ing “Nature”.  We like the outdoors.  We like animals.  Done and done.  Sort of a no-brainer.  And here the obsession begins. 

I got a double dose of bears this week.   I’m not a particular lover of the bear (polar, grizzly, animated or otherwise) but anything having to do with animals or nature at my house is a hit.  I had no idea how unprepared I was.  Where was the ‘bear handbook’ that should have come with this show?  Thank goodness for the lovely host who had the answers cuz this Mama didn’t have them all.  My five-year-old starts most days with “The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot about That” and the song about bears is still stuck in my head.  It was catchy.  I kinda like it.  I’m pretty sure you could adapt a little jig to go with it.  “Hibernation.  Hibernation”.  Over. And over. And over…..please let me sleep tonight. 

And “Nature” and its 3-part series on Bears that will forever remain on the DVR for the beautiful Alaskan scenery to the never seen before images of bear families, both in the middle of nowhere wild catching salmon, charging, loving their cubs….to the iced over nothing but white for days Polar bear land to the cities where bears can be a menace.  So many questions from my seven year old.  He was fascinated.  And so was I.  We talked.  We figured stuff out.  We did lots of ‘Aws!’ and ‘Wows!’ and ‘Did you see that?’  I felt like a good Mom.  What a great feeling.  And my five year old could tell us about hibernation.  We don’t need no stinkin’ bear handbook.  We got it all figured out.

Watch with your kids.  Or the big kid in your life. 

Catch “The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about That” on AETN weekdays at 7:30 and check out activities and video on their website.

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