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Tell Your Story in an Unprecedented Time

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In times like these, the power of storytelling brings us together and makes everyone feel less alone.

PBS American Portrait is a national storytelling project inviting people across the nation to join the conversation about what it really means to be an American today. This project, designed to align with PBS’s 50th anniversary celebration, begins as a platform for people to share photos, videos, and text submissions and capture the state and spirit of our nation. As PBS's most ambitious initiative to date, the project is envisioned to encompass publishing, short form content, classroom engagement, a web miniseries, public art installations, live events and, in January 2021, a nationally televised documentary series on Arkansas PBS.

Now, this project is more important than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic will leave its mark on history and Arkansas, and we’re all living it. PBS American Portrait wants to know: how is this crisis impacting your daily life? How is it changing your routine? Has it already affected your job or school? Has it impacted you, your friends, family or community in ways you never expected? What are your thoughts and feelings around this moment?

Everyone’s story matters.

Tell your story through text, photos with captions, or video. Feel free to post anonymously if you like. Then share your story on social media and call on your friends and family to do the same.

By really hearing each other and valuing each others’ experiences, we’ll get through this together.