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Surprise Your Sweetheart and Support AETN

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Doing good isn’t always easy. (Say, when your item rings-up for too little at the check-out … or when your darling wants to share the last of your chocolates). But, every once in a while, doing good is simple! Read on to learn how you can use to find the great gifts you already want to share this Valentine’s Day – and how, by buying them, you can give to AETN for no extra cost.

Goodsearch Charitable Donations

First, let us introduce you to Goodsearch, a search and shopping platform founded on socially responsible principles. Goodsearch negotiates with for-profit companies to secure significant donations from a portion of the participating companies’ top-line revenues to support worthy causes. We’re proud to be one of their accepted not-for-profits and greatly appreciate this wonderful resource!

So, now that you know about Goodsearch, how do you use it to support AETN in your day-to-day doings? First thing’s first: before you decide what you’d like to do, designate Arkansas PBS Foundaion as your preferred charity. Then, you have three options.

Your first option is to start using Goodsearch in place of your current search engine, be it Google, Bing, or what-have-you. Then, each time you search for anything on the internet,  Goodsearch donates a penny to Arkansas PBS Foundaion. 

As your charity of choice, Arkansas PBS Foundaion also receives up to a 20 percent donation of your total purchase every time you use GoodShop to buy items you’re looking for anyway. And with FTD, Barnes & Noble, The Apple Store, Bloomingdale’s, Victoria Secret and more providing discounted offers – in addition to the amounts they’ll donate to your designated charity – it’s a great deal!  

From neighborhood bistros to fine-dining restaurants, the GoodDining program offers over 10,000 great choices throughout the U.S. and Canada where eating out also does good. Once you register your payment info, you can do a quick search for participating dives on and have six percent of your meal’s total price donated to the Arkansas PBS Foundaion. And is it great for your Valentine’s Day plans? You bet – we’d love a night out at Romano’s Macaroni Grill or Santo Coyote!