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Sunday don't miss!: Call the Midwife, the Doc and Up/Down

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"Call the Midwife" Nurses 

What do “Call the Midwife”, “Doc Martin” and “Upstairs Downstairs” all have in common?   Well, yes, lovely accents…a view across the pond…those things are all well and good old chap. Or Mum.  But honestly, it’s just GOOD television.  I mean really good.  Well-produced, brilliantly acted, wonderful drama that keeps us coming back every week for more.   Public television on a Sunday night.  

Starting at 7, catch episode 3 of “Call the Midwife” and see how Chummy is doing.  Chummy is the character that, for me, speaks to the heart of this show.  Awkward, portrayed to be semi-incompetent (oh but just wait) but a heart of gold.  And she is beloved - and shares that love with the people she takes care of.  Watch a clip and episodes here. 

Stick around at 8 for “Doc Martin” and LOUIS-ER.   Crotchety, stick-in-the-mud Martin and his little entourage of quirky gaggle of teenage girls, receptionist, PC, and well, the entire inhabitants of Portwenn. 

9 p.m. brings us Season 2, episode 2 of “Upstairs Downstairs”.  What about that kiss?  What about that war?  What about the baby?  So many questions.  You can watch past episodes of "Upstairs Downstairs" here.  

Sunday, October 14:
7 p.m. “Call the Midwife”
8 p.m. “Doc Martin” 
9 p.m. “Upstairs Downstairs”